#26 | The work we still need to do

I am beyond grateful for all the kind notes, texts, emails and cards you have all sent me over the past few weeks in the aftermath of my Dad’s death. Y’all are amazing – seriously.

Before we begin, a warning: I get a lot of praise from folks because I’m not “political”. I always tell them that I am highly political, I’m just not partisan, because the salvation of our planet and our species is not found in a political party, but rather in our ability to organize for the results we want. However, today I will talk a bit about the election, and so it will appear partisan. But I encourage you to not let that bother you, and we will resume our regular course soon.

While I was gone, the election happened here in the US, and lots of people have felt a sigh of relief. As I posted on Facebook the day after, when Biden gave his victory speech:

I was moved tonight to hear a grown-ass man use full sentences, project hope, and exhibit empathy. I was filled with tears as I heard Kamala Harris say she is the first woman to hold that office, but will not be the last, and I full-on sobbed as I watched my POC friends share pictures on Social Media of their kids watching her, seeing their minds be expanded as to what is possible for them.

It was a very, very good day.


The work isn’t over. It’s far from over. While it’s easy to forget because Trump was a person who strategically used chaos as opposed to his predecessor, we must never forget that much of what is wrong with our society was also wrong with us under the Obama administration.

If the better world we dream possible is just the current world, but with Democrats in charge, then that is sad, and a spectacularly waste of imagination and gifts. We can create a world where it is easier to be good. Where it is easier to feed your families, where people can utilize their gifts, where human rights are respected, where no one is hungry or homeless. If you are going to dream, at least dream big.

No, this election was a breath of fresh air, but it doesn’t mean that our work is done – far from it. Whoever is in charge, the work remains the same. Empower people to organize. Resist the Powers That Be. Build communities of mutual aid. Be pro-human, not pro-Power. And never, ever, give up hope that a better world is possible.

What this election did do is give us room to move.

It is easier, after all, to make your home fire resistant when your home is not currently on fire. It is easier to prevent crisis when you are not currently in the midst of crisis. And have no doubt – the chaos of the last 4 years was strategic, because they know that if you are in a constant state of chaos, you can’t fight as well as you could if you had time to plan and reflect.

It’s OK to feel relief. It’s OK to, after the constant stress and chaos of the last 4 years, to be hopeful again, to be inspired again, to dream again. I have heard a lot of people say that a candidate like Biden is what America needs right now. But we who desire to change the world must never forget that in the world as it currently is, we do not get the things we need. Instead, we get the things we organize to take.

Next week we will go back to talking about how we do that.